Corporate Events

Corporate Events

From small and intimate to fast and flashy, we have BIG experience in corporate events! International Act prides itself as being the first choice entertainment partner by some very impressive Special Events and Experimental Marketing companies. We know exactly what we’re doing and we love it when great entertainment lifts the mood, status and enjoyment of any occasion. From professional services companies to fine jewellery and high end brand launches, InterAct have points on the board!
Here’s a taste of what we’ve done…


Cartier Royal Jewellery Gala Dinner

Event Host: Cartier in conjunction with Luminous EMS.
Location: The Four Seasons Ballroom, Hong Kong.
Brief: A very high end event requiring an Orchestral performance, co-ordinated with live components of Dance, Vocal performance and a reveal moment.
InterAct: We prepared our Orchestre International in a 22 piece configuration, comprising Asia’s finest string players and co-ordinated classical orchestral musical pieces to fit the required mood for the show.


Piaget Limelight Jazz Club

Event Host: Piaget in conjunction with International Act Limited.
Location: The LKF Hotel, Hong Kong.
Brief: To create the perfect combination of Jazz stars and Fine jewellery.
InterAct: We prepared two bands for this event. The music was continuous as our star studded musicians interweaved cold, warm and wild rhythms and melody to match the outstanding display of timepieces and jewellery.


AUDI Launch the impressive A8

Event Host: AUDI Asia in conjunction with Luminous EMS.
Location: The Kai Tak Shipping Terminal, Hong Kong.
Brief: To showcase the brand new A8 in a way that was cutting edge with a traditional flavour.
InterAct: This is where the STYLUS String Orchestra was the only answer! Philharmonic level string players paired with the slickest and funkiest DJ produced playback. Modern pop hits performed by a String Orchestra in a way that had not been heard before.


PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) Annual Partners Conference

Event Host: PwC in conjunction with Venetian Macau and Luminous Macau.
Location: Ballroom, The Venetian Hotel & Casino, Macau.
Brief: The incoming Managing partner will be presenting to the group of 800 partners with various keynote speakers, over a 3 Day event. Musical accompaniment was required to make the days special and engaging.
InterAct: The STYLUS Platinum5 Group were prepared for this event, using a performance guide of the “David Letterman Band’. The music was used as a conference energiser and was coordinated with the Walk On and Walk Off segments of the speakers addresses. It was unexpected at this type of event and very well received.


APSMA – The Power Of Connectivity

Event Host: Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association in conjunction with International Act Ltd.
Location: The Pullman Hotel, Hong Kong
Brief: Provide the event with some great music, that is interactive yet allows the guests to network.
InterAct: STYLUS Platinum4 were the group for this event. The band started ad a Trio performing cool jazz and smooth instrumental grooves. As the event progressed, so did the musical feel and by the end everyone had achieved their networking goals, had a little dance, clinked glasses and left feeling like the event was a smashing success!


LEVI STRAUSS – Sales and Marketing Conference, Hong Kong.

Event Host: LEVI’s marketing in conjunction with International Act Limited
Location: The Rooftop, Asia Society Building, Hong Kong.
Brief: LEVI’s are an iconic fashion brand who wanted to create a musical interlude for their conference delegates.
InterAct: We felt the brand needed music that was close to its origins. Acoustic guitars, great vocals and good fun sing along songs. It was a hot afternoon and as the tunes began, the cold drinks were served and delegates felt right at home. … The band, decked out in LEVI’s jeans and shirts, were happy for delegates to join in and sing … heck, even the CEO grabbed a guitar and jammed a tune! A great result for all involved.

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