Destination Events

Destination Events

International Act offers unique value when partnering on an event. We have an extensive reach of contacts through Asia, Australia, London and the USA.  We have partnered on many destination events and been an invaluable asset when providing live music in off-shore locations. Anywhere on the globe, we can help you save time and money.
Your chance to impress, without the stress!


Chateau D’Esclans, Whispering Angel

These days, Chateau D’Esclans and their beautiful Rose wines have become a global success story.  Pete Moore and his swing band were paired with the brand early in their promotional campaign on events across Asia and Europe.  Classy Jazz is required at these events and it matches the brand perfectly. We made it possible to cover many international locations by using local musicians when touring.  ‘Whispering’ is a big success story and has become an iconic brand to wine lovers everywhere!


Reuters, International New Agency

The Reuters annual conference brought together attendee’s from all over the earth.  The location selected was Danang, Vietnam and the entire Nam Hai Beach Hotel was block booked. The musical component needed to be something a little different but not too left field.  We agreed on Classic Rock, and the band ‘Eugene & the Powz’ were recruited.  Eugene Pao being Asia’s guitar super-star was a major attraction and the outdoor performance brought everybody together, singing familiar songs and partying the night away.

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